Bas Reus' quest on self-organization and online collaborative spaces

Problem statement

For now, the main question I ask myself during this quest is found below. Because the journey is probably more fun than the goal, this quest will probably take forever :). Anyway, the quest will be quite explorative of nature, and the goal can be adjusted on the way, if the journey is making me so. Again, for now:

How to support self-organization in organizations, and how to imbed online collaborative spaces in those organizations to empower employees for self-organization?


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  1. Ante said, on July 13, 2009 at 21:46

    i have developed the equation with 5 variables (moral, intellectual, social, physical, and financial capital) that explain 90% the EFFICIENCY variance … If you have near you anybody who knows my language (Croatian) i will send you 450 pages book..

  2. […] quite new for me so I have to dig deep into this. But I can see opportunities when we take the problem statement into account. This method definitely supports self-organization, and organizations seem a very […]

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